An Exhibition of the Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie

Who Are You? That's You!
What portraits (do not) reveal of the portrayed?

09/09 – 05/11/2017

The Prinzhorn Collection is closed until 8th September. We reopen on 9th September 2017.

The portrait is a classic field of application of photography, where self-image and public image are negotiated between photographer and picture protagonist. How much can be said about a person’s identity and character via the illustration? As a technical medium, photography appears suitable for generating an analytical and objective image. Patient photographs from files and psychological research textbooks form the basis of this exhibition. These are contrasted by images that expose the instability of photographic description.

Andrzej Steinbach, Untitled, 2015, from: Figur I, Figur II, Inkjet-Print, 90 × 60 cm, © Andrzej Steinbach, courtesy Andrzej Steinbach and Galerie Conradi