6th Fotofestival Mannheim_Ludwigshafen_Heidelberg

[7P] - [7] Places [7] Precarious Fields

Exhibition in the Prinzhorn Collection: [7.6] Ego-Fest and Self-Stress

18 September - 15 November 2015

The individual is being celebrated as probably never before in human history. Every single person is a superstar. With old styling the self becomes real; with new styling it is virtually shaped, enhanced, Facebook-liked, surrounded by many friends. The upbringing network allows us to grow up as frustration-free as possible; the social networks promise the self persistent great attention. The self is celebrated, tuned, elevated until it falters, until it doubts, until it breaks. Until real and imaginary, inner and outer reality fall apart. We are currently living in a highly narcissistic world, in which community, community spirit, the notion of being part of a whole is being outshone, cross-faded by the possibilities of "enhanced realities", by aggrandized self-perception.