The Team as Curator


Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einflyer

The Heidelberg Prinzhorn Collection showing an exciting diversity: Each member of the museum’s staff presents works of the historical collection particularly dear to them, either new entries or items never before shown to the public. In addition to the largest work of the collection measuring 6 m by 2.3 m and the smallest with a size of 4.4 cm by 3.6 cm we show acrylic imagery rich in color as well as detailed large pencil drawings, delicate pastels are to be seen next to expressive oil paintings.

A small group of works display material unusual for artistic creation such as toilet paper or
bed linen. With another, we show that patients occasionally used templates from the visual arts and advertising for their drawings.

Furthermore we present important extensions of our archives, which give us new insights
into the collection history and the biography of its founder: a selection of original letters by
Hans Prinzhorn, handed over to us from his family, as well as large black and white
glass slides, which Prinzhorn used for lectures and partly show works now lost.

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the invention of the bicycle, we present a small
scale exhibition with works that revolve around the wheel: featuring the bike as a
milestone of technical invention as well as a vehicle for leisure and freedom playing also a
major role in the emancipation of women.

All members of the team and their functions are introduced. Their explanatory texts about
the exhibits are based on the specific perspective of their respective field of expertise
providing the visitor with a vivid insight into the range of tasks and challenges of our museum.


Alexandra Galinova, "Crab", 1985

Otto O., Portrait, before 1921

Elke van Schoor, "Sun-god", 1964

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